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Affordable Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration
Affordable Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration
Affordable Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration


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Customer Comments

Your customer service people are the greatest! They were patient and quick with their responses. I really appreciate how they helped me get through my confusion. Kudos! If I knew the name of the person who was helping me, I would write to his/her boss. This is the closes I could get. Thanks again whoever you are.
Rochelle Treister
Correct Me If I'm Wrong

Thank you very much, congratulations, you are the support I was looking for.
Saludos Cordiales.
Juan Luis Mateo Jiménez.
Sicae S.L.L

Thank you. It is very nice to have a company like yours that really cares about their customers. I have been very impressed with the tech. support and service. even on a Sunday!
Thanks again,

I truly hope you don't feel I have wasted your time, and if any of the BIG stations, and there are a few monster ones out there that could swing it, get up with me, I will DEFINITELY refer them to you. I have never ever met a host company to work so closely and hard with a customer. You guys are great, and I am saving your mail, if we explode and can ever afford it, I will be back to re-introduce myself. Thank you for all you've done.
Christopher M. Doyon

I sincerely thank you very much for your support and help with the hosting programs. You people are the finest example of customer service I have witnessed in years. Will certainly recommend you to everyone looking for web hosting.
Linda Berkholtz

That is excellent!!! I will definitely recommend your services to all my friends.

Thank you....Lisa

I wish to say a huge thankyou for your continued support thoughout my time
(well over a year) It was a shock to find support so friendly and fast..
I will continue to recommend you to anyone who asks..
Katrina Price

Thanks for the help! My knowledge of computers and the internet is, well...Let's say I'm learning as I go. I'll work on compressing the other images; you are right about them taking too long to load. I'm going to do some more research next week to correct any other errors and glitches on my end. Thanks again for your help, I REALLY appreciate it!

This is what I'll need as well. Thank you for your prompt responses. Your suport has been wonderful! Happy Holidays!
Thank you, Barbie

Thank you for the AWESUM support and all of your help!...

could you give me the address for the admin site? I am at work and do not have that info here. thanks again - you guys have a great service!

Anyway, thanks again for the great support. Can't tell you how much that means these days when customer support usually translates to a waste of time.
Hugh Moore

wow you guys have amazing tech support... FAST!!! thanks!

well you're the best I've seen yet. thx!
Sean D

AHA! With these things in mind that you mentioned, I looked at the html and removed the clickimg line and totally deleted and upload the animate.js file, and PRESTO! We have animation! Thanks for all your help- You deserve a medal for working so long and hard on this. It's truly been a blessing to have you help me! Can I bake you a cake or something?
Kris :)

I was going to start building web sites for other people/businesses, and I was going to reccommend them to you for hosting. I must say that you do have a good run business. Your customer service E-mail response time is the best I've seen. So I'd be glad to reccommend your hosting services.
Thanks, Bryant Smith

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! You folks are awesome. One last little thing, then I promise I'll quit bugging you guys. (maybe). My husband tried to log in to the link where we set up our email addresses this morning, and mis-typed the password a couple of times, so now we are locked out. I tried again later, and I got a message that says the page couldn't be found. I know it sounds like it, but we really aren't stupid people. LOL Can you please reset the info so I can make changes again? Thanks!! I wanted to send you a small token of appreciation, is there a 'real' address where I can send it?

OK, Thanks for the superfast answer! I cant get over how prompt and efficient you guys are! It is such a refreshing change from most others. I will set up "per catch" forwards for now and wait for the "catch all" in 90 days. Thanks again,
Mike Moss

wow, now that was quick service. Just a note of interest (maybe) I was offered free web hosting by a local company for my site as it is for the high school baseball team, but I am so happy with your service, uptime, etc that I turned it down and decided to keep what I had. Thanks Thanks a million... I just got an email verifying the update is complete. I am really impressed with the way this was handled. I will refer all new customers to 1stcom. Thanks again and I look forward to a long hosting relationship with your company.
Robert McMichen, MCSE, CCNA, A+

I thank you for your excellent service and my site is always quick to bring up and it has never been down!!!!! THANX
Chris Dollahite

You people are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love 1stcom

You know what, your company has the best customer service and I completely lucked out when I went with you. I just did a basic search last year when I was looking for someone to host my site. Anyway, I am going to be mailing out a money order like I always do. I was going to email and get the address since I can't seem to find it. I also can't remember, but do I make the whole money order out to M&S, or was it separated.
Thank you,

Thanks, I got in too. You guys really are great!! Holy cow. Fast too!!
Darrel R. Somoza

WoW! Thanks for the quick response!! You guys are awsome!!!
Lou Gentile

Thanks again for the ALWAYS quick response. I am so pleased with 1stcom I will be registering and hosting 2 or 3 more domains here within a month. Excellent pricing, excellent customer service, excellent server. You guys have everything I need and you know how to run a business.....thanks.

You guys are first class! I thought that good service was a thing of the past until I had the pleasure of dealing with you.

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