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Virtual hosting allows multiple domain partitioning (give customers www.their-domain.com)for ONLY $3/month! There is a limit of 25 Virtual hosts per server #2 account. Virtualhosts share your IP address. They occupy space on your server while maintaining their owndomain name. 1stcom charges $15.00 to set up each virtual host. Monthly payments go to theReseller since the customer is using your server space. You may charge whatever you like.Our monthly costs for a virtual host is strictly for any customer of ours that wants avirtual host.

Virtual hosts do have limitations. At this time Netscape 2.0 and higher,MSIE 3.0 or higher and AOL 2.5 or higher are the recommended browsers able to read virtualhost configurations. Fortunately, these browsers comprise approximately 95%+ of thebrowser market. If someone is looking for a virtual host and is not using one of thesebrowsers they would get your home page instead of your customers. You can add a link toyour home page that will take a potential customer to one of your virtual hosts by the"back door".

Virtual hosts also share POP email usernames. If you usesales@yourdomainname than none of your virtual hosts may use sales@ but would have tochoose sales1, sales2, etc... (this only applies to POP email accounts not emailaliasing). You setup all your virtual host email POP accounts, and aliases through yourcontrol panel. (PLEASE NOTE: We currently have an advanced email alias solutionthat allows for you to have sales@yourdomainname.com AND sales@yourcustomerdomain.com.)
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