1stcom Hosting offers virtual domain Web hosting accounts which means you can have your own Web address or "domain name" (eg: www.yourname.com). We can handle U.S. domain name registration and help you with transfers .(ie: .com, .net, .org, etc.). Because of our partnership with a major Registrar , we are able to offer a discounted rate of: $17 per year for new domain name registration! This is $18 less than the normal rate Network Solutions charges! 1stcom hosting can also serve non-U.S. domain names as well. We can provide you with the appropriate nameserver and technical contact information to assist you in registering a non-U.S. domain name with your local NIC. Resellers will get a credit for new registrations of the original charge of $17 which means your initial registration becomes FREE! Renewals are at our regular low rate of $17 per year. All clients paying on an annual basis will get there domain name registration charge credited back making the registration Free!