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Have you always wanted to be in the top rankings of a search engine? Well now is your chance! This service will not only get you tons of traffic and great listings on the search engines, but will also get you fully qualified visitors! Most services out there nowadays are great at getting a lot of traffic to your site, but that means nothing if they are not trying to find what you offer. Sending blind submissions every week or two can also be a fruitless journey into oblivion!

Hit counter going crazy, so what! All that tells you is that visitors are popping in and out. Each of our clients are provided with their own statistical program that will provide real time information such as: the keyword phrase typed into a particular search engine, the distinction between hits and actual visitors, how many times the visitor came to your site, how long they stayed,  plus much more. Included are bar graphs giving you accurate information which can be used in other forms of marketing. Take this valuable marketing information and use it in print, TV and radio. This information alone justifies the price

To make things even better and to increase your search engine placement, this service can tell if the visitor is an actual visitor or a search engine! You're probably thinking "How does that work?" Well, when there is a visit to your site, human or search engine, it is shown by a number, this number is called an "IP Address". Everyone and everything connected to the internet has one, even search engines. So when a search engine comes to your page, it will be sent to a special page hosted on their where all your keywords are set up. In other words, when a search engine visits your site, the software robot shows it a page that has everything "just they way the like it", filled with tons of the right keywords and content structure. This will get you ranked high in the specific engine, and because the robot is smart, when a "regular" visitor comes to the site, it knows the difference and sends them off to the "real" page so that customer can view your site the way you want them to. Pretty neat, wouldn't you say?

I'm sure you're thinking "That's great, but what about the visitors, what if they visit my site 200 times, I don't want to pay for that!" Great, because we don't want you to either. This service will ONLY charge you for unique IP address hits, allowing you to fully get your moneys worth, unlike most of the "pay per click" sites out there.

We have used a lot of different services that try and do this, and by far the company we are recommending here is the best out there. It is run by Jim Madox and costs only 35 per unique visitor (Minimum buy is 2000 visitors), most places charge upwards of $2.00 per visit and some don't even check to see if they are unique visits! This would end up in you paying for the same visitors over and over. And as an extra special bonus, the $250 setup fee he normally charges is waived for all 1stcom Hosting customers.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below so we can get a better idea of what you are looking for and what you need. Someone will contact you within 72 hours.

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Packages Available -- The pricing below represents 35 (USD) per new visitor. They do not charge for repeat visitors.

Please select one of the following packages:

$700 = 2000 Individual visitors
$1,050 = 3000 Individual visitors
$1,400 = 4000 Individual visitors
$1,750 = 5000 Individual visitors

Also, we have arranged that all 1stcom Hosting customers will have the normal $250 setup fee waived, this is a special offer and is open only for our valued customers.

This information will be automatically submitted and reviewed. Someone will contact you within 3 days.