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Picture Storage Order Form

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Domain Name: www. If using your own domain name.
Be sure to include extension .com, .net, .org in your domain name above! or give a subdomain below.
If you are not using your own domain name then please give the name you wish to use on our domain as a subdomain name..
User/Domain Information
The user name must start with alpha characters and consist of alpha characters, numeric characters, the minus sign '-' or underline '_'. Alpha characters must be in lower case. The length of User Name should be no more than 8 characters.
User Name:
Domain Package:
Contract Length:
Refered By:
Search Engine Name
Domain Name
Current Client Name
Owner Information
Name (first,last):
City, State, Zipcode:
State (if other than the United States or Canada):
Phone Number: e.g. (555) 555-5555 x555
Fax: (Optional)
Please enter an additional e-mail address below. This address should originate outside of our network, providing us with an alternatative way to contact you via e-mail.
Off Network Email:
Payment Information
Payment Type: Credit Card ( No Checks )
If you pay by credit card you will be able to enter securely your credit card information after this order is submitted and you are redirected to a secure site for credit card information. If paying by check we will send you additional information.

Agreement: I/We have read and understand 1stcom’s Terms of Service and associated Acceptible Use Policy and I/We am/are submitting this order in accordance with M&S Technologies Terms of Service and Acceptible Use Policies. There are NO refunds for domain name registrations. I understand that my credit card will be rebilled on my anniversary date and this is a subscription for service and that all terms apply to any domain I may host with my account. Inserting my name and checking the box is my agreement to these terms and to allow M&S Technologies LLC to charge my credit card until I cancel service.
Checking box and inserting name is my agreement to accept charges on my credit card until I cancel service.


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