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I inserted a trademark character () in one of my documents but when I viewed it with Netscape Navigator it appears as . What's wrong?
Yet another quirk in a Microsoft product that causes problems with Netscape Navigator. Fortunately there are easy workarounds. In this case, when you insert the trademark symbol using the Symbol dialog box, FrontPage 98 inserts Microsoft's own ™ HTML markup. To correctly insert the trademark symbol you should insert an HTML markup instead. It's not WYSIWYG in the FrontPage Editor, but it works fine.
Follow these steps to insert a trademark symbol in your document: 


  1. Choose FrontPage Component... from the Insert menu, then choose Insert HTML and click OK.
  2. In the HTML Markup window type these characters: ™
  3. Click OK. You'll see a yellow box with a question mark in it in your document. Don't worry, your trademark symbol will appear correctly in Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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