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FrontPage 98 Problem Solving


When I start FrontPage 98 it loads FrontPage Explorer. Since I'm using FP98 as a Web page editor only, is there a way to start the FrontPage Editor directly?
You would think there would be way to set FrontPage Editor as the start up application in the FrontPage Explorer's options dialog box; there isn't. You can, however, add an icon to your Windows 95 start menu that will start the Editor directly.
Start the Windows 95 Explorer (the easiest way is to right-click on the Start menu and choose Explore). Locate the directory in which FrontPage 98 was installed; this directory is probably c:\Program Files\Microsoft FrontPage. There you'll find a couple of shortcut icons (among other things); one to start the FrontPage Explorer and one for the FrontPage Editor. Click the one called FrontPage Editor and drag it to the Start button on the Windows 95 taskbar.

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