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I added a background sound to one of my Web pages but when I view the page with Netscape Navigator the sound doesn't play.
You can specify a background sound from the Page Properties dialog box in the FrontPage 98 Editor. Don't use this method to add background sounds to your pages. Instead use a FrontPage 98 Plug-In.
Here's how to add a Plug-In that will play a background sound in both Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. 


  1. Upload the MIDI file to your Web server (use the Import... command in the File menu of the FrontPage 98 Explorer).
  2. Choose Page Properties... from the File menu in the FrontPage 98 Editor. Make sure the Background Sound Location field is blank.
  3. Choose Plug-In... from the Advanced submenu of the Insert menu. You'll get the Plug-In Properties dialog box.
  4. In the Data Source field enter the name of the background sound file you wish to use (you may want to click the Browse button to locate the file).
  5. Set the both the Size Height and Width fields to 18 (you could leave them at the default value of 128, but this will take up a ridiculous amount of screen space in the FrontPage 98 Editor).
  6. Click the Hide Plug-In check box (so that it's checked).
  7. Click OK.

Next, you'll need to edit the HTML of the document so that the background sound will pay automatically. 


  1. Click the HTML tab at the bottom left of the window.
  2. Locate the HTML code for the plug-in.   It will use the "embed" tag, and look something like this:
  3. <embed width="18" height="18" src="passport.mid" hidden> 
  4. Position the insertion point just to the right of the word "hidden".  Type in:
  5. autostart="true" 
    The tag should now look something like: 
    <embed width="18" height="18" src="passport.mid" hidden autostart="true"> 
  6. Click the Normal tab at the bottom left of the window.
Do not specify a background sound in the Page Properties dialog box! If you do this Internet Explorer will attempt to play the sound twice when the page loads, in which case the user will get a message something like, "Cannot play MIDI file". 

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