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I've used the Save Results WebBot to create a guest book. I want the e-mail address and Website URLs to be active links. Is there a way to automatically do this?
There's no way to make the links active automatically, but you can do it by hand quickly and easily thanks to a feature of the FrontPage Editor.
Here's the easiest way to make a link active on an existing page. 


  1. Open the desired page in the FrontPage Editor.
  2. Click just to the right of the URL or e-mail address you want to make active.
  3. Press the spacebar. FrontPage will make the URL or e-mail address into an active link.
  4. In addition to making the link active you've just added an extra space to your document. You can leave it if you wish, but if you want to delete it don't press backspace (that will "deactivate" the link). Press the left arrow key on your keyboard, then hit the Delete key.
If you're typing text into a document and you type an e-mail address or URL, the FrontPage Editor will make it into an active link as soon as you press the space bar. If you don't want it to be an active link just hit the backspace key on your keyboard. The FrontPage Editor will remove the link, but it won't delete the space after it unless you press the backspace key again.

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