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          WEB DESIGN

1stcom can develope your web site into a functional and easy to
use business site with all the information you need to reach your
customer base.


If you are interested in a truly unique web site or just a few eye
appealing functional web pages we are here to help you. A couple of
sites that we developed and you can view are located at the following


From the most complex and information packed pages to the simplest
of designs, we can make your pages sell your product. If you are
interested in web design just drop us an e-mail describing what you
have in mind and one of our staff will either e-mail or phone you back
with some ideas you can ponder over. We are customer friendly and
don't mind working at getting your ideas onto a web page.If you want
to do your own designing and have us fine tune it we can do that to.
Our rates for designing are very competative and value packed!

    Contact us: