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Hosting Update
All fee's to Internic for domain registration must now be paid at time of registration! We will continue to do the registration process for you at no additional charge, but you will have to pay $60.00 for your initial 2 year registration to Internic at time of your order. We have added the payment Option to our Order system. And will make this payment in your behalf to Internic. Or you may register your own domain name by using our domain registration form.
Dedicated Unix Server Plan
  • Dedicated 10mbps Internet connection
  • 40GB data transfer per month
  • 16 IPs
  • Server hardware: Intel Pentium II 400mhz, CPU 256MB SDRAM, 8GB Ultrawide SCSI harddisk, Intel PCI 10/100mb network card.
  • Server software: Redhat Linux Operating System; BIND DNS server; Apache Web server; Frontpage 2000 extensions; WUFTP ftp server; Sendmail mail server; Autoresponder system; SSL secured server; MySQL database server; PHP3; Graphic Webstat program; Majordomo listserver; SSH; Perl; and more
  • Free tech support 7 days a week via phone or email
  • Complete root access to your server via telnet
  • Unlimited free replacement for failed hardware
  • Multiple redundant Internet backbone connections
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Climate Controled server room
  • Commercial security alarm system
  • Price $500 Setup and $450.00 monthly
  • Monthly Billing
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